She loves art composed of soft, delicate, ethereal expressions that open a window onto the soul. 

Working with oils, acrylics and mixed media, enjoys creating different textures and she is passionate about colour.

To give her current work greater emphasis, she is using natural pigments, relishing the purity of colour which gives a depth and brightness to her paintings which cannot be imitated by chemical dyes used in conventional paints

Her goal is to search the essence of painting in its simplest forms, with non-toxic , ecological pigments from old practices. 

Privileging the simple, contact with nature, the use of natural materials and the colors of the earth

- Silver medal on Internacional Art Exhibition S. Brás Alportel Portugal 2015 -

Collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal, Macau-China, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, South Korea, Iran.

Her work is in private collections in Europe and Asia.